How dee do!


So, I like reading blogs. Even though I’ll probably never meet any of the bloggers I subscribe to, I feel like I know them. I’m one of th0se weird people that when I find a blog I really like I’ll go back and read the old posts so I can be up to date. I’ve got to know what’s going on. At all times. About everything. Some might call it nosy, but I like to think of it as prepared for anything. Like a good girl scout. Except I wasn’t a girl scout. So I’m trying to make up for it now.

Anywho – back to the bloggers. It was never something that I imagined  myself doing. I’m not computer savvy and frankly technology kinda scares me (Seriously, have you seen Eagle Eye?? That movie made me want to delete my facebook page and cancel my cell phone contract). But then I started to think. These blogs are basically diary entries capturing the lives of normal people. I’m normal people. I had a diary growing up. Why not have a digital diary now? Thus – Not Your Typical Belle was born.

You may be asking “how on earth did you come up with that?” Well I’m so glad you asked. I love the South and all it’s stereotypical drama. If I could have found a way to become Scarlett O’Hara I would have. That girl was awesome. A tad stubborn and maybe just a bit bossy – but she took care of business and didn’t take no for an answer. Unfortunately, while I may have her personality, I don’t have near the wardrobe. I prefer jeans over sundresses and I don’t have a strand of pearls to my name.

But I proudly claim my Southern roots, I say yes sir and no ma’am, and I can bless your heart with the best of them. I hope you’ll stick around and maybe one day we can meet at Cafe du Monde for some beignets. Because trust me – you haven’t lived until you’ve been to the French Quarter!



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