An Hour Is A Long Time!

I read an article in Fitness magazine that said we need to get five hours of exercise a week – two 60 minute strength workouts and three 60 minute cardio workouts. I’ve been exercising fairly regularly for a little over a year now but I rarely get five hours a week. Three is more like it (and that’s on a good week!). Recently my workout buddy and I decided to set weekly goals to focus on in an effort to stay on track. This week my only goal was to get in all five hours of exercise.

I’ve taken hour long classes at my gym and the time passed pretty quick. My buddy is out of town for a few days and I didn’t feel like going to the gym by myself so I combined two workouts that I’ve done before so that I’d get in a full 60 minutes. I did it but oh. my. gosh. It’s been a while since I’ve pushed myself that hard for that long! I’m going to sleep good tonight!

Both workouts were ones I’ve gotten from a trainer at the gym and I highly recommend them.

The “Days of Fitmas” workout is done like the Days of Christmas song. 1 push-up; 1 push-up, 2 lunges; 1 push-up, 2 lunges, 3 calf raises; and so on.
The 10×10 starts with the first exercise and then adds the next exercise. 10 lunges; 10 lunges, 10 upright rows; 10 lunges, 10 upright rows, 10 bicycles; and so on.

Combining these two workouts took me about an hour and five minutes. I pretty much wanted to die by the time I got to the burpees!

One hour down, four to go!


2 thoughts on “An Hour Is A Long Time!

  1. I’m tired just reading this! I do manage about 3, 45 minute cardio exercises each week, and if you count the cool down I hit an hour. Then I do 2 strength training sessions for about 45 minutes to an hour, and I usually add another 20 minutes of cardio on top of that. Too bad all I’m doing is gaining weight – but I guess muscle is better than fat. 🙂

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