Adventures In Baking

A few years ago I made my Dad a blueberry “pound cake.” It was basically a doctored up box cake mix that turned out pretty dense and tasted great.

A couple of weeks ago my Dad told me that he had some extra blueberries and did I want any? I told him sure, I’d take some and bake him something with them. He asked for a pound cake and instead of going back to the processed cake mix I decided that I’d make one from scratch. I found a recipe and one of the ingredients was buttermilk. That was the only thing I was missing so off to the store I went. All I needed was five tablespoons so I figured I’d get a pint and be done.

No pints.

Okay, so I’ll get a quart. The only brand they had listed guar gum as one of the ingredients. Are you serious??

I ended up with a HALF GALLON of buttermilk (ingredients: cultured milk, nonfat milk, salt) when all I needed was FIVE TABLESPOONS.

So needless to say we had buttermilk biscuits on Saturday. And I tried my hand at buttermilk chocolate chip scones for breakfast yesterday morning.

We’ll be having buttermilk pancakes in the very near future.

Biscuits. Scones. Pancakes. It’s a hard life.


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