Morning Memories

When I was a little girl, we lived with my mom’s parents for a couple of years. I have so many amazing memories from that time but this morning one in particular stood out to me. My Paw-Paw making pancakes. Ohh I love me some pancakes. Pancakes with syrup. Pancakes with powdered sugar. Pancakes with cinnamon sugar. Plain pancakes. You get the idea.

Now anyone can make pancakes. Make the batter, heat the pan, cook and eat. Simple. But Paw-Paw made the best pancakes. Because his pancakes weren’t just regular old pancakes. Oh no – he made pancakes in the shape of the letters of our names. That my friends, is taking it to the next level.

As I was making my own pancakes this morning (using some of my never ending supply of buttermilk, of course), I couldn’t help but remember sitting at my grandparents’ table, anxiously waiting for my next letter. This morning I had plain old circles, but one day I’ll be as cool as Paw-Paw and make letters too.


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