Grab A Kleenex

So I’m sitting on my comfy couch, in my air conditioned apartment, catching up on the headlines before I take an afternoon nap. I know, I know – hard life. But I came across one that said “Heartwarming Tearjerker of the Day” and I can’t pass that up! So I click and true to the headline it was a total heartwarming tearjerker. Ladies – take off your mascara. Men – find something to get in your eye that you can blame the tears on. But please, please read this.

I know I’m incredibly blessed and I am so thankful for all that I have in life – but stories like this – I’m just blown away. We take SO MANY things for granted. There are millions of people that don’t have basic necessities and I’m aggravated because I have to bake more cake in order to use up my never ending supply of buttermilk! Are you kidding me??

It’s time to take the blinders off.

Hug someone you love.

Be the hands and feet of Christ.




3 thoughts on “Grab A Kleenex

  1. Well that definitely got me teary eyed! How awesome that such a wonderful thing happened as a result of something so terrible.

  2. How bizarre, we donate to a water well charity in Cambodia the same day you wrote this. It was weird, we just know that was what we needed to do.

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