Yes it’s almost back to school time, but the A+ I’m talking about doesn’t have to do with math (thank God!) or history (my favorite subject!) I’m talking about blood types – mine to be exact. *Spoiler Alert* If you are super squeamish, check back with me later. Everyone else – onward and upward.

The first time I gave blood was when I was 17 years old. Yes this is an iPhone pic of a regular photo. We keep it classy here folks.

I was pretty much scared to death. But it’s for a good cause, right? Right.

So not long after this, I left for college and LifeShare was on campus every semester. Free shirt? Free Little Debbie cake? Free Coke? What college student in their right mind is going to turn that down?! I became a regular. After graduation, I gradually stopped giving, mostly because I didn’t walk past a LifeShare bus on my way to class anymore.

My current job regularly hosts donations so I got back into giving. Until the time the technician scarred me for life. He said he couldn’t find a vein and stuck me repeatedly. Turns out the reason he couldn’t get any blood to flow was because the line to the bag was still clamped. And that was the end of my blood donations.

However, Jeff is a regular donor and he’s talked me into going back – but only if Mr. Technician is not there. If you can handle needles and don’t faint at the sight of blood, I urge you to try to donate. It really is a great cause and you never know when you or someone you love will need a donation.

And don’t forget your Little Debbie cake!



2 thoughts on “A+

  1. Loved those free t-shirts in college! And every time I go to the Lifeshare center and see Mr. Technician, I think of you 🙂 I love that pic of you giving blood the first time, cute!

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