Garnish – It’s What’s For Dinner

OK quick rant today. I worked in a restaurant for years during college. Every entree got a sprig of kale at the top of the plate as a garnish. Until I started reading healthy living blogs, I didn’t know it was edible. True story.

Now you might like to eat kale and that is wonderful. From what I hear it has lots of nutrients and is great for you. But if I read one more blog post or internet article RAVING about how kale chips are the greatest thing since sliced bread I’m going to lose it.

I don’t care how much you massage it or how much nutritional yeast you add to it (two very popular things to do according to the interwebs), it will NOT taste like popcorn or chips. If you want to eat kale because it has less calories than actual popcorn or chips then more power to you. But be honest about it and admit that as the reason. Don’t go on and on and on about how you-would-never-know-any-different-because-it-tastes-identical!!!

It doesn’t taste like anything but bitter lettuce.

Give me actual popcorn any day.


One thought on “Garnish – It’s What’s For Dinner

  1. LOL, I can’t really say that I have ever tasted Kale, at least I can’t remember ever having tasted it, however I can tell by your words that it tastes really BAD!

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