Thank God For Snuggies

Hey how’s it going? Sleep well last night? That’s great. I slept great, only woke up once or twice but was able to go right back to sleep.

Imagine my surprise when I walk into the living room and see this.

That, my friends, is about a forty pound mirror, half hanging off the wall. There is a space between the wall and the couch so it could have fallen all the way and hit the floor. I can’t even imagine what I’d have done if it had hit the ground and shattered.

It was stopped by my Christmas presents. Seriously. Last Christmas Jeff got me a snuggie and a travel pillow. I’m always cold and I damn near become narcoleptic any time we go on a road trip. The snuggie and pillow have been camped out on the back of the couch ever since our accident a while back. I’m so grateful they were on the side of the couch where the mirror fell.

I got this mirror for my birthday in 2009 and we’ve never had any problems with it. I have no clue why it fell all of a sudden, and now I’m scared to hang it back up. It is so weird not having it on the wall, but I’m so glad it’s still in one piece. At least now I’ll know that it needs some serious reinforcements whenever we do find another spot for it!


One thought on “Thank God For Snuggies

  1. Wow, y’all were so lucky, it may have tipped when it fell and hit a person sitting on the couch.
    Lucky, Lucky, Lucky!

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