Good Morning!

I have a feeling it’s going to be a fabulous day.

I have a devotional book by Sarah Young called “Jesus Calling”. It’s a wonderful book with daily devotions written as if Jesus was speaking. Part of this mornings devotion said “A leisurely pace accomplishes more than hurried striving.” I’ll admit that at first I was skeptical – I can pack quite a few things in when I hurry! But as I sat in bed mulling it over, I had to admit that there might be something to slowing down. At the very least I won’t feel rushed or stressed at the end of the day even if I didn’t get everything done.

Now here’s where I’m convinced that God spends a majority of his time giggling at us silly humans. I also think that he loves proving that he’s right. Not in a “I told you so” way but more like “See – I really do have your best interest at heart so just trust me” way.

Normally, Jeff and I are rushing around on Sunday mornings just trying to make it to church on time with barely enough time to grab a bite to eat let alone do much of anything else. But today has been a totally different story. I’ve exercised, set my goals for the week, showered, had breakfast, reviewed my notes for Sunday School, written this blog post and I’ve still got time to kill. It’s amazing to me how when we just stop to listen to what God has in store for us everything else just falls into place.

I hope you all have a great day and remember to take “a leisurely pace.” Enjoy your Sunday!


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