What If?

I recently got a Nook for my birthday. The day I got it, I looked at the covers but nothing really stood out to me so I figured I’d just be careful until I found a cover that I liked. This weekend I went to Barnes and Noble to look again hoping they’d gotten another shipment and sure enough there were some new covers on display. I found one with a quote from George Eliot – “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

How amazing is that?! I am so glad that I waited to get a cover because this one is perfect. That one sentence is so profound to me. How often do we say “I can’t” or “I’m too ____” or “I don’t have ____”. I know I’m guilty of this. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been disappointed or let down because I thought that I’d missed my chance.

But what if we stopped letting ourselves down? What if we accepted that “no” doesn’t exist? What if we take our stubbornness and dedication and passion and channel it into never giving up? What if we turned “what might have been” into “what will be?”

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

What will you be?


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Good Morning!

I have a feeling it’s going to be a fabulous day.

I have a devotional book by Sarah Young called “Jesus Calling”. It’s a wonderful book with daily devotions written as if Jesus was speaking. Part of this mornings devotion said “A leisurely pace accomplishes more than hurried striving.” I’ll admit that at first I was skeptical – I can pack quite a few things in when I hurry! But as I sat in bed mulling it over, I had to admit that there might be something to slowing down. At the very least I won’t feel rushed or stressed at the end of the day even if I didn’t get everything done.

Now here’s where I’m convinced that God spends a majority of his time giggling at us silly humans. I also think that he loves proving that he’s right. Not in a “I told you so” way but more like “See – I really do have your best interest at heart so just trust me” way.

Normally, Jeff and I are rushing around on Sunday mornings just trying to make it to church on time with barely enough time to grab a bite to eat let alone do much of anything else. But today has been a totally different story. I’ve exercised, set my goals for the week, showered, had breakfast, reviewed my notes for Sunday School, written this blog post and I’ve still got time to kill. It’s amazing to me how when we just stop to listen to what God has in store for us everything else just falls into place.

I hope you all have a great day and remember to take “a leisurely pace.” Enjoy your Sunday!


Trying Out Technology

Hi all! Sorry for two posts in one day, but I just found out that there is a WordPress app on my new Nook and I wanted to try it out.

And of course I couldn’t just do it tomorrow because I have absolutely NO patience and didn’t want to wait.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!


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Thank God For Snuggies

Hey how’s it going? Sleep well last night? That’s great. I slept great, only woke up once or twice but was able to go right back to sleep.

Imagine my surprise when I walk into the living room and see this.

That, my friends, is about a forty pound mirror, half hanging off the wall. There is a space between the wall and the couch so it could have fallen all the way and hit the floor. I can’t even imagine what I’d have done if it had hit the ground and shattered.

It was stopped by my Christmas presents. Seriously. Last Christmas Jeff got me a snuggie and a travel pillow. I’m always cold and I damn near become narcoleptic any time we go on a road trip. The snuggie and pillow have been camped out on the back of the couch ever since our accident a while back. I’m so grateful they were on the side of the couch where the mirror fell.

I got this mirror for my birthday in 2009 and we’ve never had any problems with it. I have no clue why it fell all of a sudden, and now I’m scared to hang it back up. It is so weird not having it on the wall, but I’m so glad it’s still in one piece. At least now I’ll know that it needs some serious reinforcements whenever we do find another spot for it!


Garnish – It’s What’s For Dinner

OK quick rant today. I worked in a restaurant for years during college. Every entree got a sprig of kale at the top of the plate as a garnish. Until I started reading healthy living blogs, I didn’t know it was edible. True story.

Now you might like to eat kale and that is wonderful. From what I hear it has lots of nutrients and is great for you. But if I read one more blog post or internet article RAVING about how kale chips are the greatest thing since sliced bread I’m going to lose it.

I don’t care how much you massage it or how much nutritional yeast you add to it (two very popular things to do according to the interwebs), it will NOT taste like popcorn or chips. If you want to eat kale because it has less calories than actual popcorn or chips then more power to you. But be honest about it and admit that as the reason. Don’t go on and on and on about how you-would-never-know-any-different-because-it-tastes-identical!!!

It doesn’t taste like anything but bitter lettuce.

Give me actual popcorn any day.


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Yes it’s almost back to school time, but the A+ I’m talking about doesn’t have to do with math (thank God!) or history (my favorite subject!) I’m talking about blood types – mine to be exact. *Spoiler Alert* If you are super squeamish, check back with me later. Everyone else – onward and upward.

The first time I gave blood was when I was 17 years old. Yes this is an iPhone pic of a regular photo. We keep it classy here folks.

I was pretty much scared to death. But it’s for a good cause, right? Right.

So not long after this, I left for college and LifeShare was on campus every semester. Free shirt? Free Little Debbie cake? Free Coke? What college student in their right mind is going to turn that down?! I became a regular. After graduation, I gradually stopped giving, mostly because I didn’t walk past a LifeShare bus on my way to class anymore.

My current job regularly hosts donations so I got back into giving. Until the time the technician scarred me for life. He said he couldn’t find a vein and stuck me repeatedly. Turns out the reason he couldn’t get any blood to flow was because the line to the bag was still clamped. And that was the end of my blood donations.

However, Jeff is a regular donor and he’s talked me into going back – but only if Mr. Technician is not there. If you can handle needles and don’t faint at the sight of blood, I urge you to try to donate. It really is a great cause and you never know when you or someone you love will need a donation.

And don’t forget your Little Debbie cake!



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Grab A Kleenex

So I’m sitting on my comfy couch, in my air conditioned apartment, catching up on the headlines before I take an afternoon nap. I know, I know – hard life. But I came across one that said “Heartwarming Tearjerker of the Day” and I can’t pass that up! So I click and true to the headline it was a total heartwarming tearjerker. Ladies – take off your mascara. Men – find something to get in your eye that you can blame the tears on. But please, please read this.

I know I’m incredibly blessed and I am so thankful for all that I have in life – but stories like this – I’m just blown away. We take SO MANY things for granted. There are millions of people that don’t have basic necessities and I’m aggravated because I have to bake more cake in order to use up my never ending supply of buttermilk! Are you kidding me??

It’s time to take the blinders off.

Hug someone you love.

Be the hands and feet of Christ.




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