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Sweet Redemption

After the disaster of those stupid cinnamon roll pancakes, I decided to redeem myself in the kitchen. All weekend.

Friday afternoon, I made these oatmeal muffins.

They are wonderful, like an oatmeal cookie and cake all rolled into one. Jeff got the recipe from Cooks Illustrated. He signed up for some deal with them where he periodically gets recipes to test and we got this one a month or two ago. I’m not going to lie, they are a little tedious to make, but if you are familiar with Cooks Illustrated then you know most of their recipes are like that but are totally worth the work.

On Saturday, my brother and sister in law came over for lunch. Jeff made chicken spaghetti and they brought a salad (minus the chicken).

my brother takes much better pics than I do!

I made these brownies for dessert. They are DELICIOUS. I didn’t get a picture but just imagine dark, fudgy brownie wonderfulness.

This morning, I made pancakes again. The cinnamon roll filling was nice and hard from being in the fridge so I softened it just enough to stir up and was able to pipe it onto the pancakes.

While the idea is great, this is just never going to work in real life. As soon as you flip the pancake the hot skillet is going to melt the filling and it oozes everywhere. Oh well. Live and learn, right?