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I’m Baaack!

One of the many great lines in Independence Day. Coincidentally, one of the best movies ever made. But it also applies to me! Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. Sometimes life just doesn’t need to be broadcast over the world wide web, and that was me for a while. I needed to regroup and I’m better now.

Relatively speaking.

But anyway. Can we just all agree that while Isaac is no She Who Shall Not Be Named, he is still a dirty SOB and he needs to go on and bother someone else? My heart breaks for the people of South Louisiana and the rest of the Gulf coast region getting destroyed by this storm.

My mom and I were talking last night and we both lamented the decline of New Orleans. My whole family is from NOLA and unless you’ve been there for any length of time you just don’t get it. It’s a whole world unto itself. The music, the arts, the culture, the people, the food, oh for the love of all things holy, THE FOOD. When I think of my childhood, almost every memory is there. The French Quarter, Cafe du Monde, Jackson Square, staying at the Mason Dupuy, parades, the Riverwalk, the Aquarium, the Cathedral, watching Saints games with my Paw-Paw, family reunions in City Park, climbing the oaks…..

Okay I’ll stop now that I have tears in my eyes. Suffice it to say that no matter what happens, a piece of my heart will always be in New Orleans.