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Are We There Yet??

I want to be on vacation. But I’m not. But I will be in about a month. Until then, I’m going to reminisce.

The first vacation that Jeff and I went on after we got married was to Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri. There are no words – the place is BEAUTIFUL. We read an article about it in Southern Living magazine and it seemed too good to be true. Nope – it was all that and more. I’ve wanted to go back ever since. We will get our chance next March when we go for our fourth anniversary.

There are waterfalls everywhere.

Lots of trees for shade and beautiful flowers.

Every morning Jeff and I would walk on the paths around the resort. There was one spot in particular where a family of ducks hung out. They were there every morning.

This is the view from the nature trail that winds through the woods.

Oh Big Cedar, how I’ve missed you! I think I’ll go look through my photo album now.